To my {beautiful wonderful} girls

I was 3 minutes into my highly coveted Saturday morning shower when Ella, as if on cue, ran in.  She had a handful of her fairy dolls and a fuzzy monkey.  She plopped herself on the floor with all of them and started playing.  I looked thru the glass of the shower door and noticed that she had pulled her hair back into a low ponytail and put a hair band on her head.  It looked like a tiara.  Hey, I can’t see shit without my contacts.  She looked up at me with her huge eyes and smiled.  My princess.  My beautiful and kind princess.  I smiled back.  She continued to play for about 30 seconds–talking to her dolls and to herself.  I couldn’t make out what she was saying, but I knew the chatter was for her fairies and not for me.  Then I heard a familiar tone/pitch/intonation.  I couldn’t hear her words, but I knew the tone.  Isn’t it funny how that is?  It’s something parents can only describe.  You just know when they need you even when you can’t hear the words.  I opened the shower door.  “Mama, can you put my fairy’s pants on? I can’t do it.”  Ugh, I thought to myself. Stupid fairy nonsense interrupting my blessed shower.  “Sure Baby.  Let me see.”  This damn fairy had pants the size of my pinkie finger!  The Velcro tab was the size of a half a pea!  I looked at the fairy, looked at Ella, pulled on the stupid pants and handed her back to my kid.  Ella opened the shower door again–just slightly–and looked at the condensation on the glass shower wall.  She put her finger to it and rubbed the droplets away.  Then she closed the door, went to the other side of the wall, and rubbed from the other side.  I watched her face… her eyes .. so curious and full of wonder.  And the little smile that quickly crossed over her face.  She sat back down for a half second, then grabbed her fairies and ran out only to leave the lone fairy who I just dressed! Typical.


I just shared with you a 1 minute snippet in our day.  The whole interaction took longer for me to think about it and type it out than it played out in real life.  My days are full of these little moments, but for some reason, this snippet hit my heart.  And when it hit my heart, I swear I felt my chest get tighter because my heart grew a few sizes bigger.  I’m always rushing to get everything done and sometimes I get fussy when my kids want to be kids and slow me down. Really, Marisa? You’re so annoying sometimes.  This darn fairy stopped me in my tracks and forced me to take a second to see my children as they are: two glorious human beings with distinct and beautiful personalities–which I helped to create!  Really.  Marisa. Yay.  I rushed thru the rest of my shower, combed out my hair, put my curly hair cream in, skipped the make-up for now, and grabbed my laptop.  I wanted to capture this moment and in a way that photos can’t.

I’m pretty sure that by the time they are old enough to read these words and understand their meaning, this blog won’t exist.  Who knows how the world will be then. But I’ll print this and save it in a box for them to read later.

A short tribute to my girls {that really barely scratches the surface}

To Ella:  My Ella Violet…Beanie… You’re always extra special because you are my first born.  When I think of you, the first thing that comes to my mind are your eyes.  So big and brown, expressive and innocent, and so kind.  Your smile brings me joy and your laugh makes me laugh along with you.  You’re wise beyond your years sometimes–are you really only 5?  The way you show love to your baby sister fills me with pride.  You love books and learning, art and beauty, talking and singing and dancing.  We can’t get thru a movie without constant questions.  You stop me on every page of your bedtime stories.  Your brain never stops and your desire to just know things is inspiring.  You are a natural leader.  Your heart is huge.  You’re a loyal friend.  You remember everything and everyone who is special to you.  And your courage and kindness are your characteristics which I admire the most.  Those two traits will carry you through life and allow you to manifest great things.  It has truly been a pleasure learning who you are.  I love you so.  I look forward to watching you grow into a young lady and the days when you will be driving me to go shopping (and buying me things for a change) 🙂

To Mia:  My Miss Mia Jasmine…Mimi, MJ… You will always be extra special because you are the 2nd child I didn’t think I could have.  And you let your presence be known each and every day!  In your short 15 months as my little girl, you have blown me away with your intelligence, physical strength, independence, perseverance, and sweet disposition.  You love to laugh and smile and I can already see your kindness and compassion within your eyes.  There is nothing that gets past you and you leave no corner, cabinet, toybox, or purse unturned–you are into everything!  You keep me on my toes, little one.  I look forward to surviving the Terrible 2’s and Throttling 3’s–should be fun.  Beyond that, I can’t wait to see what kind of little girl you will be.  I already have a sense of who you are and what is yet to surface.  You’re special and I love you so.

To both of you:  I am so proud and honored to be your mother.  You were brought into this world 4 years and 2 days apart…individually.  But you are a pair now–my dynamic duo. You have a forever bond because you’re sisters.  You’re going to fuss and fight throughout your lifetime, but you’ll always come back to being OK.  Love and protect each other.  Be each other’s best friend.  Chase your dreams together.  Guard and nurture your relationship; you won’t have anyone else more special than your sister.  And know that no matter where you are in your lives, you will always be my little girls.  I’d walk to the end of this earth for you.  I will love you and be your greatest fan always and forever.

Love, Mama

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