Apothecary Extracts 100% Pure Australian Tea Tree Oil {a review}

A few weeks ago, I was asked by the great folks at Apothecary Extracts to test and review their product. Little old me! Of course, I was excited to try something new, so I accepted and gave it a whirl.  I have always loved the fragrance of tea tree oil, but I hadn’t used it in forever.  I used it a lot when we lived in Colorado–it’s great on the scalp to help combat dryness.  Anyway, I received a full-sized bottle of their tea tree oil and the downloadable product guide, and I was off. You can view the product on Amazon here.

When I buy anything, I care about 3 things: looks, value, and functionality.  Shoot–those are things I look for in my man, but I’ll limit my review to tea tree oil for now.

Looks: What can I say?  Looks are important! Call me shallow–I can take it 😉  The tea tree oil comes packaged in a high quality box–I feel like a fool for not snapping a quick pic of it.  The box is the same color as the label with similar print and if you added just a simple raffia bow, it would be a pretty gift just like that.  When you open the box, the bottle is even prettier.  Between the cool label and heavy brown glass, the bottle takes on this modern vintage vibe.  Of course the next thing I did was open the lid and take a whiff.  Yum! It’s tea tree oil, which is inherently pungent, but it has a sweetness to it.  Like I said, it’s strong, but it’s a good kind of strong.  It smells clean and natural.


Value:  Ok, so the most obvious thing here is price.  On Amazon, it’s $24.99 for 4 oz., free shipping and it comes with a downloadable product guide.   4 oz. is a lot bigger than you’d think.  And considering that it’s pharmaceutical grade, you only need a few drops–it will literally last forever.  There were over 50 pages of information and recipes for this stuff.  Who knew? Not I.  Like I mentioned earlier, I have used tea tree oil in shampoo and various hair products to help alleviate my dry, itchy Colorado scalp.  I had no idea that you could use it as a cleaning agent, astringent, hair detangler, face mask, and on and on… For me, versatility in a product is a bonus.

Functionality: In other words, does it work and does it work well?  Yes and yes.  I followed the recipe and use it as a detangler spray for my 4 year old.  I also added a few drops to my baby oil.  I massage that into the scalp of my 4 month old, lightly scrub with a soft bristle brush, let it set for a few minutes, and then shampoo out.  It’s a great treatment for cradle cap.  She had no reaction or irritation from it.  For calming and relaxation, I add it to my bath along with a few drops of lavender oil.  For sore muscles, you can combine tea tree oil to an Epsom salt bath.  So far, I have used it for these more cosmetic purposes.  The book shows you how you can use it as a household cleaner and disinfectant.  Wow! With 2 children and 3 dogs, I am all about trying chemical-free alternatives.

Thank you for the opportunity to try your product, Apothecary Extracts.  It’s good stuff.  Readers, if you’re so inclined to try it, enjoy!



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