How to Get More Miles out of a Tank of Gas (whaaaaat??)



Ok. So, first I will preface this by saying that I am no math whiz. I mean, I fling a calculator for a living as a mortgage underwriter, but the actual tools do the math for me.  So, I may not be getting all of the fine print down correctly, but the fact of the matter remains:  I have discovered (with the help of my husband–he told me about it) a way to squeeze more miles out of a tank of gas.  I know, I know…  where was I 3 years ago when gas was like $5 per gallon?  And, not just a few more miles…quite a few more miles.  And you don’t do it by driving 47 miles per hour at all times and not accelerating in more than 1 mph increments.  This is legit and normal.  No thinking involved.

Let me explain.

You know when you fill up how there is that latch thing that holds the gas handle down?  You know, so you don’t have to hold the handle down yourself as it pumps?  (Weird thing though.. when I was in FL, I had to hold the handle down myself.  Maybe the latch was broken..?)  Normally I put that thing on full blast so that I can fill up as quickly as possible.  Well, if you put it on the slowest automatic setting you actually get more gas in the tank.  Fill up your tank slowly.  Hell, hold the handle down yourself if you want to. But the key is to fill up the tank slowly.  You will still pay the same amount of money for your full tank, BUT you are actually filling up with more liquid and less vapor.

I always always reset my trip meter when I fill up.  I like to see how much/little miles per gallon I get each time.  I also see how many total miles I go on each fill-up.  I get this strange satisfaction from resetting that little thing every week.  Virgo thing, I’m sure.

I did a little experiment.  The week before I tried this new way, I got 416 miles on my full tank.  The light went on and I filled up maybe 5 miles after the light was on.  Then, I filled up with this new slow method.  Same amount of gas–nothing different.  Here is my proof:

photo 2(1)

437 miles!!! And I went until I was at 441 before I filled up.  (I felt like Kramer on the Seinfeld where he test drove that car and just kept going and going!)  And when I filled up, I put in 15.86 gallons.  That’s nearly 28 miles per gallon!! AND over 20 miles more per tank!  [and yes, it was really 69 degrees this morning.  my lucky number.  just kidding!!!]

I know this in not an official study and I am sure there are some variables here I didn’t take into consideration.  You know, good old Scientific Method stuff. But I would hypothesize that I’m on to something.  Saving money–that’s what I’m on to!

Try it, friends.  Fill up the tank really slow and see how far you go. It might be fun!

Have a great week.









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