The (one and only) 20 Minute Any-Occasion Tutu

Have you ever needed a tutu, but laughed at the stupid prices at the costume shops?  Have you ever found yourself wanting to make one, but lacking in sewing skills, creativity, patience, and/or all of the above?  If you answered YES to any of these, I have the tutu for you. I call it the 20 minute any-occasion tutu.

I normally don’t need an excuse to make one for Ella, but one for me is a different story.  Next Sunday, my sister and I will be walking in the Denver Komen Race for the Cure.  We didn’t want to just look like professional walkers because that would be way too boring.  Instead, we will be wearing coordinating pink and black outfits.  We may have some pink hairspray on and maybe some silver sparkly eyeshadow, but we will also be sporting black and hot pink tutus.

With Halloween coming, this would be a great method for a quick costume.  I am going as a queen bee (Ella will be the baby bee) and I will probably be making another one of these in yellow and black.  Oh yeah, and did I mention how cheap it is?  With tulle and elastic and a 40% off coupon from Jo-Ann, I think I spent around $10–which was for tutus for my sister AND myself! {If you don’t have the Jo-Ann app on your phone, it is a must.  No need to wait for the newspaper ads you just lose.}

I tried explaining the technique over the phone to my sister and I think I lost her at the very beginning.  It’s much easier to do than to explain.
And instead of explaining it, I thought I’d do a photo tutorial for you visual folks.


  • 1 inch elastic (enough length for your waist–when you measure, go around your waist un-stretched and then give yourself a little extra for room to sew)
  • A total of 4 yards of tulle (it’s only $1.59/yd); I did 2 yards of each color
  • scissors (duh) and/or rotary cutting tool

Make sure your chair or whatever is big enough to stretch out your elastic a little.  When it’s all done, it will poof out more because you will have put more tulle on it due to the stretch.

{I have no idea what that gross white smear is on my chair}

I tried it on and twirled around a few times before snapping these.  I also trimmed up any stray or long strands.

Do you like the tutu with my running pants?  Classy.  I like how it gives me the illusion of having a butt. I might wear this every day!

Somehow, this worked for me today.  I had just enough tulle for the tutu and didn’t have to make an emergency run back to Jo-Ann.  Don’t you love it when that happens?

Hope you love it and I hope you make one of your own–for any occasion!  Can’t wait to rock this over black leggings and kick some cancer ass next weekend!

xoxo ~M


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