Please Pardon My Mess… and let’s get real!

I’m going to get real here, people, and I hope you can handle it…

I don’t know about y’all, but I am growing impatient and very tiresome of reading online and seeing on TV these family homes that are perfect and tidy ALL THE TIME. Get real!  And I am not talking about the regular programs and sitcoms–we all know those are fake.  I am talking about the Mommy blogs with photos of these picture perfect offices and children’s playrooms.  Or toddler bedrooms that are always picked up and neat and all walls, bedding, trim, toys, and shoes are in nice shades of white and pink and all from The Pottery Barn.  Come on now!

Then there are the homes on TV that have all the latest renovations, trendy counter tops and lighting fixtures, and perfectly landscaped yards.  Remember when magazines helped girls become anorexic and bulimic and aided in our poor self-esteem?  Well, now it’s TV and blogs and they make us normal folks feel badly about our mis-matched stuff, semi-started projects, dog poo infested yards, and crappy cabinets from the 70s.  Ugh!!

I was walking around my home today during nap-time and I realized what a disaster area it has become.  We have become “those people.”  You know, the ones whose home is blatantly obvious that there is a toddler on the loose.  Shit everywhere!  Books, toys, games, clothes, easels, crayons, empty raisin boxes–in nice neat little piles strewn about the house.  I vowed to never be this way, but here I am.

And as I strolled about the messy house, I took note of what needed to be dusted, rearranged, put away, etc.  I also noted the 2 unpainted doors from the project we started months ago; the door that is still propped in our office that needs to be hung; the blue tape around our door trim in the bathroom THAT HAS BEEN THERE SINCE JULY!  What?!  It’s still not done and this is so completely and utterly unlike me.

The funny part is that for the first time in my life, I just don’t care.  Yep, that’s right–don’t give a you know what.  My husband and I work really long days.  We have four effin’ dogs.  We have a toddler who is active and curious.  So what if we have piles of children’s books lying around.  Who cares if my tampons are on my dresser for no good reason.  Our cabinets are ugly, but we don’t have 10 grand to spend on a remodel right now (or probably in the near future).  We should probably get the bathroom painting over with–I’ll give you that.

[Don’t get me wrong–we do clean the toilets and the kitchen is clean of food and dirt.  Just a little un-tidy.]

So, my friends, instead of cleaning the messes, I took photos–because that makes perfect sense!  Let me take you on a little journey of our bedroom (my husband is going to kill me for this!!).  Let’s get real.  Let’s look into the house of a busy and healthy and normal family (with unedited pics no less)…

(notice the vacuum–it gives the illusion of that just-cleaned house!)

And now the bathroom…

And lastly, our office.  I hope you aren’t expecting Tiffany blue walls with black and white leopard furniture.  Ain’t gonna happen!

Yep–this is it!  This is us without any make-up on.  We’re real folks with real messes.

If you’re a Mommy-blogger who is cringing right now, good for you.  I’m jealous of your cleanliness.  That’s why I’m making fun–out of super secret envy.  If you’re just like me, I hope this makes you smile.  But just know that it’s the mood I’m in.  My next blog post will probably be of some lovely refinished furniture placed right next to my perfectly made bed complete with ironed linens with hospital corners and mints on the pillows.

Happy Weekend!



6 responses to “Please Pardon My Mess… and let’s get real!

  1. Are you kidding me? Those rooms don’t concern me at all. You’re a working family with a toddler! I’ve been there and did the best I could and didn’t care much at the time. Your rooms will become more tidy as Ella grows up. Don’t make yourself crazy Marisa. Just let this be a great blog with pictures revealing how you live with a small child. It actually appeals to myriads of families. You’re giving them room to appreciate having a child and a loving family while they feel the same as you today. Lovin ya

  2. Your house doesn’t look messy – it looks lived in! And it is REAL, like you said. I get up every day and think “Today is going to be different. Today I am going to keep up with everything AND clean those problem areas!” And then the day happens. Sure, a lot DOES get done, but never everything. I have three children; 12, 8, and 1. We homeschool, so, in between lessons and grading, and feeding and changing diapers, I clean. And I delegate jobs to the big kids. My house looks very much like yours…lived in. 🙂

    • I’ll be happy to delegate someday!! You’re right–everything is impossiuhble. At the end of the day all that matters is the happiness of your family.
      3 kids and homeschool… you must be busy!! Thanks for reading my blog!

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