Where Am I?

Here I am… obsessively chained to my computer.  I’m like that pervy guy that looks at porn late at night while his wife is sleeping.  Or like that pimply-faced teenager playing World of Warcraft for hours on end and not getting up to pee or eat.  And if I’m not on the computer, I am a glow face–on my phone all the damn time.

Why, you wonder?  Oh right, because of my latest craze–vintage jewelry.  As if I did not have enough jewelry, or enough on my life-sized plate, I am looking for more.  Here’s how it all began…

You may recall that last week I was heavily dosed and living on Percocet and water.  I got bored. I thought, Marisa, you need something to wear to Annie’s wedding in October.  Yes, you do.  So I found some stuff online and bought it.  Two dresses, two leggings, and a cardigan.  I plan on wearing them all at once.  Just kidding.  But I need the leggings for the dresses in case it gets cold.  And the cardigan would serve the same purpose.  Then I thought, Marisa, you need some new cowboy boots to go along with the said ensembles.  Yes, you do! So I ordered a pair online from Country Outfitter and they are fabulous.  Should be arriving any day now.  Lastly, I thought, Marisa, you need some accessories for this adorable get-up.  And you need to look on e-bay for a vintage milk glass necklace.  Weird request, but you know you want one! 

So, my friends, here we are.  I literally spent hours scouring e-bay for the perfect milk glass necklace.  I found many and bid on many; I won none of them.  Instead, I found myself a beauty of a scarf.  Vintage Anne Klein silk number with purple violets.  Hello!  I have a violet tattoo on my neck and that’s our daughter’s middle name.  It had to be mine.  I also found myself a pair of vintage clip-on earrings for $2 including shipping.  Including shipping!  You have no idea how happy this Percocet-induced mommy was last week.  My eyes hurt, too, from all the staring and squinting into my phone screen.

On Sunday, I hit the mother-load.  I scored myself a 6 pound lot (yes, I said pound, as in 16 oz) of vintage jewelry.  Derek nearly killed me, but I have a plan.  I’m gonna sell it.  Yep, I am going to have a little e-bay store of my own and sell this stuff off one by one.  In my week-long obsession, I schooled myself on the big vintage collectible brands.  I have a very good memory so it was easy.  Trifari, Sarah Coventry, Bakelite, Coro, Juliana, just to name a few.

Of course I couldn’t wait for the shipment to arrive, so I had to do some treasure digging locally first.  Yesterday, I saw an ad on Craigslist.  These people were selling vintage stuff by the gallon bag for $20.  I (stupidly dangerously) went to their house and sifted through their goods for 45 minutes.  I cleaned her out!  I took all the good stuff and left the crap behind.  (These people were weird and kind of scary in a toothless sort of way, but we’ll leave that story for never. Needless to say, Derek was not happy with me going to a stranger’s house alone and I got a lecture about it.  Turns out, I didn’t meet the Craigslist Killer that day. Phew.)

So, here I am–an amateur vintage jewelry collector selling on e-bay.  I have 10 auctions set up that are complete with photos.  I’m also in the process of putting together an Etsy store.  Once that is set up and going, I will share that with you all.  I don’t know, it’s pretty fun so far and I have learned a lot.  I’m slightly giddy about this new little adventure!  I have time for it like I have time for a hole in my head, but whatever.  Oh yeah, and I ordered a book.  It’s a book to help me identify and price things. Yep, I’m going all out here!

I’ve always loved jewelry.  Anyone who takes a look at me for more than 10 seconds can see that.  And you may remember from previous posts how I adore old objects and trinkets. I love their stories.

I actually still have two pieces of vintage jewelry that were given to me as a teenager that I remember being fascinated by.  Even before that, when we were little we’d go to our step-mother’s parents’ house a lot.  There was this old jewelry box that my sister and I used to sift through.  I loved all the dangles and weird relic brooches.  I can still remember how that box smelled.  Our mom used to have a button box, as well as a ric-rac box–she was a sewer.  They were filled with old buttons, lace, and ribbon.  Carla and I would run our little fingers through the buttons for what seemed like hours.  Anyway, I’ve always had a fascination with this stuff and kind of forgot about it.  I’ve re-awakened an old crush.  How cool.  (Or not–you may think I’m weird but we all have our peccadilloes.)

Keep your fingers crossed for my success.  If not, I’ll be hitting you all up for your addresses and will be sending you nifty little packages!  Hell, I might do that anyway!

xoxo ~Marisa  (you can find me under ellalunavintage on e-bay!)

Check out some of my stash (bling, bling):


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