Not your Sunday pot roast

Turns out, Derek likes stew.  Who knew?  He’s from Santa Barbara, CA and he likes warm, hearty, meat stew.  Casseroles too.  Weird.  He also doesn’t like lobster or most fish.  Double weird, especially for a person who comes from the ocean.  So, since I’m laid up and can’t do a lot of stove-top cooking, I hit up my Crock-Pot cookbook.  His request was stew.  I, also an ocean person, HATE stew.  I compromised and made pot roast.  And one more thing.. the man was so excited that he set an alarm on his phone!  Yep, it went off at 6:45am and I got sprung up to get it all together for him.

Before I delve into the recipe, which is quite simple, let me give you a few memories about pot roast. Growing up in Florida, we had a pot roast every single ever-loving Sunday.  We lived with our grandparents when we first moved there and our grandfather fixed it, like I said, every Sunday.  Then when we lived in our own house, we went over to their house on Sundays and ate it then too.  It looked and tasted the same every time.  I think Poppi bought the cheap cut of meat (which he never trimmed up) and how we loved getting a surprise bite of gristle and/or fat in our mouths every Sunday.  Seemed like a great way to start the week.  Hence, my not-so-loving relationship with pot roast.  But I sucked it up and made it.  After all, Derek is also suffering while I’m laid up on the couch.  Just kidding–that was sarcastic.  I do love the man and he has been my rock, so I thought that a damn pot roast for my baby daddy is only fair.

  • 3-4 lb boneless pot roast
  • 4 carrots–sliced in half and cut into 2″ pieces
  • 5 red potatoes–quartered
  • 2 small onions–sliced
  • 2 celery stalks–cut into 2″ pieces
  • 1 container of fresh mushrooms–sliced
  • 1/4 c flour
  • salt, pepper, any other seasoning to taste

Mix the flour with salt and pepper and then coat all sides of the meat with the mixture.  Put all the veggies (minus the mushrooms) into the pot, then put the hunk of meat on top.  Then top with mushrooms.  Close the lid and then set it and forget it!

I set it to cook on low for 10 hours and here we are:

The house smelled soooo good while this bad boy was cooking.

I also made a gravy (mmm, gravy) by spooning all of the liquid from the bottom of the Crock-Pot into a small sauce pan.  I added about 1/3 c water, 3 T flour, and some Italian seasoning.  I whisked it over the stove for a few minutes until it thickened up.  It was good!

In my Percocet induced trance, I forgot to put the gravy on before I took this picture.  I also forgot to change my lens so that the whole plate would be in focus.  Sorry.

It was a tasty dinner and Derek pigged out.  Kind of an odd dinner request when it’s 80 some degrees out, but I won’t question the man.

I think I want some white plates–they show food better.  Maybe vintage would be cool.  I guess that will be my next project.  What else do I have to do?!



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