Sunday with my two favorite peeps

We missed out on a friend’s twin 3 year old princess birthday party today because Mommy felt like doo doo.  Bummer.  I was actually really looking forward to it–their bashes are always fun.  Instead, our little family went for some Zinga! frozen yogurt and then played in the front yard with the hose. [If you have not been to Zinga!, you must go.  It’s all self-serve and fun! Choose your flavor and then hit the bar for all the goodies to sprinkle on and syrups.  Then they weigh it and you pay.  It is dangerous and addictive, my friends]

I couldn’t sit out in the sun for very long.  Whatever is in this drug really makes me feverish and almost photosensitive when I’m outside.  As a sun worshiper, it really has me bummed.  Especially considering I go back to work tomorrow and always love showing off my summer tan.  Yes… I am that person.  I am that shallow.  But I’m a good person, dammit!

Here are some of my favorite moments:

What can I say? The kid loves those roly poly bugs.  She gets so tickled when they come out of the edge of the yard and onto the porch.  Freakin’ adorable to hear her little laugh and then say “bye bye, bugs” when they head back into the yard.

As long as I have these two nuggets, I can get through anything.

Hope you all make it through Monday!

xoxo ~M


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