20 minute toddler pillow sham

Here’s what Mommy accomplished today.  I love this little pillow!  It has a slipcover type thing that can come off easily for washings. Think of it like a sham, but for toddlers.

Ella had this cute little Tinkerbell pillow in her crib that I made for her a while back.  A few mornings ago, she pooped and the poop seeped out of her diaper.  Well, when we got her up for the day, she was perched upon her Tink pillow.  We threw it in the wash, but it fell apart.  I decided today that I would come up with something new–something more wash-friendly. {On that same day we also decided to start buying larger diapers, but that’s another story.}  I only wish that I snapped a few more pics so you could see how it came together.  I really didn’t plan on blogging this one, but it was just too darn cute to not share.  Oh well. With a little bit of imagination, you could create your own if you wanted to.

I used 2 “fat quarters” I had purchased on clearance a while back.  I washed and dried them, then I lined them up and cut them into 4 strips.   I sewed 2 contrasting strips together and then joined them–so 4 strips on the front and 4 on the back as in picture.  Then,  I turned down an edge, hemmed it, and attached velcro strips.  I did it like I did the seam for my dog pillow.  Then I sewed close the remaining edges.  That’s the slipcover.  The fat quarters worked PERFECTLY for this pillow.  They come in so many cute prints too.

Then, for the interior pillow (purple one in 1st pic)… I took an old t-shirt of mine that I had been hanging on to.  It don’t look as good as it once did on me, but I loved  the print on it so I kept it.  I cut off the bottom hem and then cut below the armpits–leaving a sort of square with 2 hems on the sides.  I stitched up one side, stuffed it, and then stitched it again.  Done–pillow to stuff inside the slipcover.

I jammed that bad boy in the slipcover, adjusted the stuffing and fastened the velcro shut.  Done!! Ella LOVES this pillow.  As soon as I showed it to her, she grabbed it, positioned her little head on it and was off to la-la land.  That’s what it’s all about, my friends.  Let’s hope this one is safe from the poo for a while!




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