30 Minute [if that] Pet Bed

If you have 30 minutes, some thick fleece, velcro, and a sewing machine, then you can make this pet bed.  I have made several versions of these for my dogs over the years, and I think I finally have it down.  Good thing, too, because this was a gift for a dear friend of mine and her new fur baby, Abby.  Abby requested hers in green.

What you need:

  • about 2.5 yards of non-pill fleece (you can usually get a deal on it at Jo-Ann)–this size accommodates a medium to large sized dog
  • 2 inch wide industrial Velcro (stick on backing makes it easier to place)–about 1 yard
  • sewing machine/thread
  • old bed or couch pillows (to stuff inside)

I chose to go with Velcro because it’s much easier for me than sewing on a zipper.  I did a zipper once and my dogs wrecked the fabric before I even had a chance to unzip and wash it.  Velcro is cheap and easy and way less hassle.

Here we go.  Lots of photos for you visual learners.

1. Lay out the fabric and fold it so that right sides are together.  You can do a perfect square or a rectangle as I have done.  Stitch as follows:

2.  You turn under the selvage edge and hem it so that it will create a nice and flat surface in which to lay the velcro down.  Be sure you are making a hem toward the wrong side of the fabric.

3.  Once the hem is created, sew the other 2 sides closed–right sides together.  You should have a square or rectangle that is stitched closed on 2 sides, folded on one side, and have an opening where that hemmed edge is.

4.  Cut your velcro into three strips.  Peel off the backing and lay it flat onto the hemmed edge–still on wrong side of fabric.  I used 3 pieces and spaced them out evenly across the edge.

5.  Turn fabric down and affix other side of velcro to the other hemmed edge of the dog bed.

Once both sides are affixed, you should have something that looks like this:

6.  Once all pieces of velcro are stuck on, you are ready to sew them into place.  I know it says “industrial strength,” but we’re dealing with dogs here.  They won’t be as gentle as you’d like.  Sew all the way around each piece (total of 6 times if you’re using 3 strips per side).

7.  Sewing done!  Turn this bad boy inside out. Now you can take your junky pillows you’ve been holding on to and stuff them into the pillow.

8.  Stick the velcro together and voila!  You’re done!  Here’s a close up of the finished edge.  You can pull the pillows out and wash the bed as much as your heart desires.

Bella’s seal of approval is always a good thing!

If you make one of these, or have your own version, please share.  I always love learning new variations of my tried and true.



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