Weigh-In #2

Happy Sunday!  I haven’t done an exercise post in a while.  Originally when I set out to lose weight back on 4.7.2012, my plan was to use my blog as an online weekly journal.  I don’t know–that got kind of boring.  As I tell my students, if it’s boring to write, then it’s boring to read.

My original plan for my Sunday post was to have my sister as my guest author, however, she has been pretty busy and still has not gotten me my “material.”  It’s okay–I can use this time to do my weigh-in since it’s been a while.

I won’t lie–I haven’t been sticking to my 3 day a week plan as diligently as I would like.  The end of the school year has kind of kicked my butt.  And signing up to teach summer school doesn’t really help my cause either.  But it is summer, although not officially, and I am usually out and about more.  Being poolside at Life Time Fitness definitely motivates me too.  I find that tan fat looks better than white fat, but fat is still lame no matter how you cut it.

So here are the measurements:

Measurements on 6.3.2012

  • Bust: 37″
  • Waist: 32.5″
  • Hips: 41″
  • Thighs: 23″

Measurements on 4.29.2012

  • Bust–37.5″
  • Waist–32.5″
  • Hips–41″
  • Thighs–23″

So, not a whole lot of change, but I kind of saw that coming.

Exercise Journal:

  • Monday: Really long trail walk at Standley Lake with my family
  • Friday:  Hour-long trail walk with Ella (27 lbs) strapped to my back in blazing heat (my hips are still recovering from that one)
  • Saturday:  mile (or so) walk around neighborhood lake
  • Sunday:  yard work–pulled weeds, cut back tree limbs, gathered twigs from around the yard and bagged them

I’ll have about 3 hours to myself after summer classes end and the time I need to pick up Ella from daycare.  I’ll be using that time to kick my workouts (and leisurely pool time) into gear.  I still have until 7.18 for Cabo and I know I can do this!!  For what it’s worth, Derek gave me a compliment today and said that my legs “look better than half the women’s here.”  Hmmm… the jury is still out on that one, but I’ll take it.  Truthfully, I’ve never been much of a fan of my legs anyway.

On a different note, summer is here!! The heat is starting to get intense and there is just that summer vibe in the air.  I love it!  We always talk about leaving Colorado, but if we moved to a place that was summer all year round, we wouldn’t have that same summer time love feeling.  Or would we…?  I don’t know, we love Denver, but we still want to move!

Here are some pics from this weekend. I love the start of summer but I love this little family more!

I hope you all have a wonderful week!

xoxo ~Marisa


2 responses to “Weigh-In #2

  1. It takes no time to gain but a lot of time to lose…why is that! Keep going. Perhaps you’ve hit a plateau. Love the pivs.

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