Father’s Day Shadowbox

Since Father’s Day is only 2 weeks away, I thought I’d post this so if you want to make this as a gift, you’d have some time.  I love it and it took no time at all to put together.

A few months back, my step-mother gave me an empty shadowbox. She said, “If anyone can do something with this, it would be you.”  Or it was something like that.  I took it with great pleasure, but was slightly intimidated.  I have seen lots of cool shadowboxes, but I have never had an inkling about making one.

Instead of getting Derek a tie, I decided to make him a shadowbox for Father’s Day.  He hates ties, and what would an electrician need one for anyway?  I inspected the gifted shadowbox and decided it was pretty cool and why not give it a whirl.  I has nice magnetic latches and a cork backing that is covered with canvas.  It also came with little dew-dads like hang tags, double-sided adhesive strips, and pins.  I have no idea where she bought it, but her trash was my treasure!

I did a Google search of “Father’s Day Shadowboxes” and saw some pretty cool ideas.  I decided on a theme and set out to Michael’s.  Man, that store can really suck you in!  I chose a color scheme of browns and golds–sort of neutral and manly–with a nature-ish theme.  I knew that the photos I would use would compliment those colors.

I bought:

  • scrap book paper (2 of the same in case I messed up)
  • 1 piece of burlap–in the fancy scrap book paper section
  • assorted card-stock package (on sale for $2.99!)
  • brown thin-line Sharpie marker
  • Father’s Day themed dimensional stickers
  • glittery gold border sticker (on sale too!)

I ran to Walgreen’s and had some of my favorite photos of the two of them printed up.  I cut, glued, moved stuff around, tied the little strings around the pins, used some ribbon I had on hand, and wrote Derek a little message.

Once I got all the placement and gluing done, here’s how it turned out:

I love it!  And I hope Derek does too.

What a fun little project.  I definitely see myself making more of these.  They’re a fun way to capture memories without making scrapbooks.

I hope I can keep this little gift a secret for the next 2 weeks!



2 responses to “Father’s Day Shadowbox

  1. Oh, my darling Daughter, this is a valuable gift to Derek from Ella and her mommy. Derek is a fortunate Dad; Ella is a lovely and delicious daughter to him; Marisa, you are a gift to Derek, Ella and all of your family. I love it.

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