My New Friend, Tophatter.

A few years back, my sister and I were really into making jewelry.  In fact, we were so into it that we created a name, registered with the secretary of state, got a business license, AND sold stuff at a few craft fairs.  A friend even hosted a jewelry party for us.  It was a lot of work, but fun.  The two of us were jewelry making fools!  We had business cards, special stands for our wares, tables, a tent–the whole 9.  We have lots of fond memories. We never made a ton of money, but we had a good time shooting the breeze, meeting new people, and getting ideas for new projects.

Life caught up with us and we kind of chilled out on our little business.  We had a ton of surplus that we sold for cheap at garage sales, but we didn’t do fairs again.  For a short time, I had an Etsy shop, but it wasn’t very successful.  I blame it on my crappy camera and lack of photo shooting abilities, but I know better.  My drive and interest were low and it showed.

I came across a website called Tophatter last week.  I have no idea how I found it, but I’m glad that I did.  Basically, it’s a cross between Etsy and Ebay.  It’s an auction site for stuff, but the auctions go really quick.  People bid right then and there and they literally end in minutes.  You can buy all sorts of handmade jewelry, cosmetics, collectibles, home goods, and edibles (not sure how that’s legal, but who am I to judge)–random stuff.  Sometimes it’s hit or miss, but the jewelry auctions are usually pretty cool.

I won an auction last week and got a pretty cute agate necklace for $9 (including shipping).  I have a jewelry addiction, and easily could have made this necklace myself, but the reason I wanted to buy something was to see how it all worked.  The jewelry arrived the same week and was cute, but the presentation was pretty amateur.  It was taped to a piece of cardboard and wrapped in Steve Madden shoebox tissue paper.  Okay, not department store or Etsy, but it got to me in one piece.  Honestly, I was sizing up my potential competition and the quality of sellers on the site.

So, why am I telling you this?  Well, I put a piece of jewelry up for auction and it sold on the first run!  It didn’t sell for a lot, but it was fun!  As a new seller, I have to sell one thing at a time until 3 things sell.  Then I can post like mad.  So, my plan is to sell some of my surplus jewelry and then see what happens from there.  It’s really just to get some $$ in my Paypal account so I can buy more stuff.  At the time of this post, the buyer hasn’t paid yet, but my plan is to package it nicely and hope for return business.  I can do better than tape and shoebox tissue, for sure!

So check out the site, my friends.  It’s fun and fast and kind of addictive.  And, you never know–you could see some of my stuff on there!

I have some fun stuff coming this week–fancy cookies from a guest author and a creative idea for a Father’s Day gift.  Have a great short week!




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