Dry Shampoo Spray {Love}

Meet Kevin Murphy Fresh Hair dry shampoo spray.  He is a pretty awesome friend to have.  Except for some reason I keep calling it the Kevin Arnold spray.  You know, after the loveable character Kevin Arnold who was played by Fred Savage on one of my all time favorite shows, The Wonder Years.  Kevin Arnold or Kevin Murphy–I like it!

A while back, Derek was doing an electrical job for a hair salon in Boulder.  One day he came home with a stash of hair products for me.  Included in said stash was a moisturizing shampoo, aerosol hair spray, and a dry shampoo spray.  All were Kevin Murphy brand.  Never heard of him.  After thanking him for the new stuff, I shoved it all under the sink.  [I have this thing about not opening new stuff until the old stuff is used.  A little OCD-ish, I know.]

A few days ago I was trying to organize all the clutter under the sink and came across the shampoos.  Since I’m chemically dependent now, I pulled out the moisture shampoo and threw it in the shower caddy.  I know, I know, I broke my cardinal rule, but it was a necessity since my hair was so dry.  Then I looked at the dry shampoo spray and put that into my vanity hair caddy.

I had to work on Friday and as per my usual MO, I didn’t have time to wash and style my hair.  It was going on 3 days and it was kind of oily.  My usual bun looked horrible and it looked limp if I left it down.  I tried the dry shampoo.  Wow.  I sprayed the stuff on and then brushed through my hair like the instructions directed me to.  All the previous days’ hairspray funk was gone.  It felt silky and smooth and the oil was gone!  It didn’t feel as good as it does when it’s freshly washed, but it is great in a pinch.  I pinned up the hair around my face and was good to go.

So, Kevin Arnold Spray, I give you 4 out of 5 stars.  I would give it 5, but the scent is kind of powdery.  I’m not a powder fan.  Not even the movie, Powder.  Sorry.

Kevin Murphy is not paying me for this testimonial, but he should.

I looked online and there are lots of drugstore brands that make dry shampoo formulas.  Give ’em a whirl.  You’ll be surprised.


P.S.  To my cousin, Jason.. If you’re reading this, the photo was taken with a borrowed DSLR camera.  You can soooo tell the difference 😉


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