Fancy [and easy] Feather Earrings

I really like feathers.  I remember when our dad took us to a carnival when we were kids and he won me my first set of feathers.  It was one of those games that no one ever wins, but my dad won this game.  And he won prizes for both my sister and me.  As soon as we walked up to that booth I knew the prize I’d claim–a classy, purple feather roach clip.  Sure, I was a little girl and had no idea what it really was, but I loved it.  I loved the leather cord, wood beads, and the pretty feathers fluttering in the air.  And now as an adult, I really have no idea why feathers dangling from a clip would  be used to smoke pot with, but whatever.  Of course my dad knew what it was used for, but I didn’t so he let me claim that as my prize anyway.  I think I had that roach clip hanging in my room until I was in high school.

Of course when the hair feathers were all the rage, I had them “installed” in my hair.  I had 2–a purple and pink one and then a turquoise one.  Loved them!  I still see some of my students wearing feather earrings, so I had to make myself some.  You can buy them at Claire’s or Deb, but why would you pay $12 for them when you can make 2 pairs for half that?  They are so easy.  Follow along.


  • feathers–I bought mine in a 3-pack at Hobby Lobby for $3.29
  • 2 ear wires
  • 2 cord crimps
  • 2 eye pins (not to be confused with head pins)
  • 2 beads that coordinate well with the feathers
  • scissors
  • round nose pliers
  • wire cutters

All of your findings should be the same color–I used the black nickel finish.  I couldn’t find black eye pins so I used silver ones I had on hand.

My feathers came bound together already (perfect!), but with clear nylon loops at the top.  If yours have those, cut them off.  Then put the cord crimps on the feathers and squeeze them closed.

You could stop there and attach them to the ear wires, but I took mine a step further.  Take 1 bead and string it onto the eye pin.  Turn the wire at a 90 degree angle above the bead and then cut enough off so you’re left with about .5 inch.

Wrap wire to form a loop.

Repeat this for both beads.

Now you just have to put it all together.

Open the loop at the bottom of the bead and attach it to the feather.  Then open the ear wire loop (or the top of the bead loop) and attach it to the earring.  Close loops completely and repeat this for the other earring.

Be sure that when you attach the ear wire that the earring hangs facing the correct direction.  You don’t want the back to be facing out. Done!

I love these!  They kind of have an 80’s feel.  I got lots of compliments when I wore these this week.

Here’s the other pair I made.  Sorry about my goofy grin and crappy lighting.  {Still dreaming of a DSLR camera and someone other than myself taking photos for me.}

If you make a pair, I’d love to see them!



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