I’m [almost] Famous!

Well, friends, my moment has arrived.  I, yours truly, appear on the page of another blogger’s blog.  Well, not me as in my face or physical likeness, but my purse.  Yep, I said my purse!  And all of its contents.

My favorite blogging mom, Little Pink Monster, had this fun little contest called “What’s REALLY in Your bag?” and I entered it.  I didn’t win first prize, but I made the top five and my purse and all of the crap in it made it to her blog page.

**Something funny and six degrees of separation-ish about Little Pink Monster…  She lives near Rockville, MD–which is pretty close to where I graduated high school from. Originally, Natasha is from Tampa–which is about 2 hours north of where I grew up in FL.  AND, her husband has a popular radio show (Kaneshow) in D.C. that one of my friends listens to every morning.  How small world is that?*

So, the contest was as follows:  dump your purse out and take a photo of everything inside it.  The funniest stuff wins some cosmetics.  Well, apparently the junk in my purse made her laugh.  Yay!  I know you are all dying to see what lies in my bag, so here you go.  Mine is the 3rd one down–she put a caption underneath, so you can’t miss it.  You may remember from my organizing post, that I am the queen of organization.  I think my purse has the least amount of crap of all the moms on there.  Just the way I like it!  But it was a weekday and the contents shift when I am in full gear Mommy mode.

I know I’m not really famous, but it’s something!  My rectal thermometer and knitting needles made her laugh.  And while we’re here.. see that Coach wallet?  I bought that in 2004 or so for $225 and with my good friend, Kelly O.  A lot of dough, but it’s lasted forever.  Love me some Coach.

Anywho, happy Friday!  I have some knitting and jewelry stuff in the pipeline, as well as a post about words, and my big weigh-in is this weekend.  So please look for those.  Or, you could subscribe to my blog and have all my posts delivered to your email!



One response to “I’m [almost] Famous!

  1. Aw! I love that you posted about this, thank you so much for spreading the word & for all of your sweet words (and of course for sharing your inner purse contents!) YOU ROCK!!

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