{fancy schmancy} kid’s name sign

I don’t know about you, but I love making personalized things for Ella.  It is my hope that she will cherish them and take them to college with her someday.  I have made her a lot of stuff over the last 18 months, so she’ll have lots to choose from.

I had a piece of craft wood leftover from my thrift store bench facelift.  I thought I’d put it to good use by making her another name sign to put in her play room.


  • embellish-able craft wood–any shape
  • scrap book paper and coordinating tissue paper
  • scrap book letter stickers
  • any additional bling (I have a butterfly that was left over from her baby shower)
  • hot glue
  • Mod Podge/foam brush
  • fancy shape scissors
  • hammer sawtooth hanger

The first thing you need to do is trace out the tissue paper and then cut it to fit around the wood.  When you cut the paper, cut an additional 1/4 inch past the trace line.  This will give you enough overlap to reach around the back.

Apply Mod Podge with foam brush and place the tissue paper on the wood.  It’s almost like wrapping a present.  Be careful to tuck in the corners nicely so they aren’t all lumpy.

Press out all bubbles and lumps and then apply a top coat of Mod Podge just around edges for now.  Also apply it to the back and adhere edges to the wood.

With coordinating piece of scrap book paper, use a ruler to draw out your cut lines.  You can make this piece as small or as large as you like, and in whatever shape you like.  I chose to keep it the same rectangle shape as the wood piece.

Cut it out and finish the edges with the fancy scissors.  I know they’re called pinking shears, but I like fancy scissors more.

I chose to center Ella’s name rather than go willy nilly.  So I found the center of the piece and then evenly placed the letters on the left and right sides of center–starting with the middle letters of her name.  Then I completed her name.

Once all the stickers are on where you like, coat with a thick layer of Mod Podge and let dry.

Add any additional embellishments and glue down with hot glue.  I used the wire butterfly and some other 3-dimensional stickers.

Once everything is dry, use a hammer style sawtooth hanger.  The wood was soft so I was easily able to just push it into place.  Simple as that!  Now you’re ready to put a nail in your wall and hang it.

Here is one I did a while back when Ella was still a baby.  This one hangs out on her bedroom door.  I used some boa feathers and hot glued them to the back of it.  I also found a cute clip-on bird and stuck that on there.  I never intended to have a bird theme in her room, but it just sort of happened…

Well, the kid will never misspell or not know what her name is!  It’s everywhere!

What kinds of personalized things do you make for your kids?



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