Crisis Averted> french bread ‘pizza’

I came home in my usual tizzy–hungry and tired and cranky.  I was excited to be making white pizzas for dinner.  They would have store bought pizza dough, but then I’d be adding ricotta, mozzarella, broccoli and mushrooms.  Yum.

But not tonight… I had a roll of refrigerator pizza dough.  When I popped open the tube and tried to roll it out, it got all muffed up.  It twisted back onto itself and then it went from bad to worse.  I tried to ball it up and then roll it out, but it wouldn’t roll out. It’s like there’s some weird chemical in there that prevents it from being like a normal, uncanned dough.  Boy, was I mad.

Luckily, we had another roll in the fridge.  I thought it was pizza dough, but it turned out it was a roll of french bread.  I had an idea.  I would cook the bread and then create little pizzas that way.

I put some green pesto on one and red pesto on the other.  Then I added mushrooms, kalamata olives, and mozzarella.  Pretty simple, but so tasty.  A little salty with the olives and pesto combined, but good.

Derek was happy that I was fed.  This little food crisis was averted and life in our house returned to normal 🙂  So glad I could concoct such a quick back-up plan!

What are your back-up concoctions? Anything good?



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