DIY Chalkboard Picture Frame

While we were in California, Ella had such a wonderful time playing with her cousin, Logan.  And Logan was such a great big cousin!  She showed Ella the ropes and shared all of her toys.  By the end of the trip, they were BFFs.

My plan was to create a keepsake of the trip and the memories, and to keep Ella’s cousin near since we live so far away.  So I made Ella a chalkboard picture frame.  I hope she cherishes it and always remembers the fun she had with Logan.


  • Cheap-ish picture frame (make sure it is relatively flat so you can write on it)
  • Chalkboard paint (I used the spray paint version)
  • photo


  • Break down the frame–take the glass out
  • Using newspaper, spray it as the instructions tell you.  Pretty straightforward.
  • I let each coat dry for about 2 minutes and then sprayed again.  I did a total of 3 coats.
  • Put the picture back in.
  • Write your message on the frame.  Done!

Since it was 75 degrees in Denver the day I made this, I decided to peruse my front yard in between coats of paint.  I found that my daffodils are in full bloom AND the rose bush is beginning to turn green.  Both plants look so pretty around the mailbox, especially when the peach roses are blooming.  Spring is here, my friends!

OK, back to the frame.  Once it’s dried, you reassemble it and write your message on it.

I hung it in Ella’s playroom by her artwork.  I think it is the perfect spot for it.

Lastly, I wanted to make something similar for Logan–to show her how much we appreciate her and to thank her for being such an awesome cousin.  I know–a 3 year old really doesn’t care about those things yet, but I do.

Hobby Lobby was having a sale, so I picked up another frame for pretty cheap.  I also grabbed some scrap booking stickers.  I made 2 copies of the photo, so I used the same one.  Both cousins have the same picture of each other and can look fondly on them under the same stars every night 🙂

Really simple, you guys. I hope you can keep up 😉  Decide what you want to put on there, and then stick the letters on.  Use a ruler to help you line up the stickers straight. I worked from the right and moved to the left (kind of backwards).

I intended to center the top line, but it just didn’t work out that way.  But I think I like it more kind of askew.

I love the pink zebra print letters and I love how easy these both were to make.  So I am off to the post office to mail these.  I hope they get the package before my post goes live!

xoxox ~Marisa

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2 responses to “DIY Chalkboard Picture Frame

  1. Just catching up, but this is a real treasure for both girls, forever. Nana needs one though!

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