{Unexpected} Bedroom Makeover

Oh happy, happy days!  D and I just inherited ourselves a king sized bed!  We have been dreaming of one for years.  We are getting so tired of sleeping so darn close to one another in our piddly queen sized bed.  We need room to breathe, people!!

So, that means that we will need a headboard AND a comforter set.  I am thrilled!! I have been wanting to give the bedroom a little fix-me-up for a while now and could never justify spending the money.  I have also had DIY headboard photos saved on my computer for a rainy day.

Here’s what I’m thinking:

  • we have dark brown dressers and chocolate colored drapes
  • the nightstands have kalamata olive color tops and the legs are glazed with brown paint (done by yours truly)
  • we have a big lounge chair that is cream colored with dark brown wood
  • the walls are  tan-ish

Why not add something purple?  Like a dark brown headboard and purple bedding, and maybe paint the walls a nice gray.  OR, purple headboard and brown or gray bedding.  {And when I say purple, I don’t mean like cotton candy purple.  I mean classy purple.}

So many choices–I’m feeling kind of overwhelmed!  To help alleviate this, I thought you could help by voting!  Check it out below.

Here are some of my ideas for DIY headboard (different colors, of course, but the same concept).  I really like how they look like old doors:

I also like semi-upholstered look:

What do you think?

Bedding ideas/color palette:

Which do you like?

So I think you can see where I am going with this.  I really like muted colors in the bedroom and love the casual style of these combinations.  I am excited to see the after and can’t wait to show you what you all help me to decide!



One response to “{Unexpected} Bedroom Makeover

  1. The simpler, the better…it won’t become boring and you can always change out accessories.

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