I’ve never really been much into Easter.  I remember our mom dressing us up as kids and taking photos with our grandparents.  Our mom made our Easter dresses each year and that was always an ordeal.  And I remember hunting for eggs in the yard in Florida.  We always had ham for dinner and I found a tuber once and it really ruined my relationship with pork from there on out.  But over the years and into adulthood, it lost its appeal.. until now.

When you have a child, everything changes.  Suddenly holidays, even the lame ones like Flag Day, become a big deal.  Every holiday is an event in which to make and create things and memories.  I love making memories.

On Saturday we took Ella to a neighborhood Easter egg hunt.  It was kind of nuts, and we probably won’t do it again.  There were probably about 500 people there.  Ella collected a whopping 6 eggs before we got attacked by the masses.  Other parents were stuffing their children’s baskets with eggs.  By the looks of their maniacal behavior, I think they thought they might find a winning lotto ticket in one of them!  Some of the eggs contained flyers for karate, and no candy. What a jip!  After the 3 minutes of egg collecting, we looked at the ducks in the pond and played on the swings.

On Sunday, Ella came down for breakfast and tore into her Easter basket.  It was filled with stickers, a wind-up toy, and some jumping frogs.  She was in toddler heaven!

And, of course, I baked.  I made semi-homemade lemon curd (the curd was store-bought) bars to accompany dinner at my parents’ house.  Kind of crumbly, but they tasted good.

Then we headed over to my parents’ place and we hung out.  Sadly, no family shots, but lots of Ella in her cute little dress.  She fell in love with the fan remote, which she carried around almost all day long!

Man, I love this kid!

We took the dogs, let them run around and we all came home tired and happy.

How was your Easter?

xoxox ~Marisa


4 responses to “{Easter}

  1. Just to let you know for next year-when your Dad and aunts and uncles were little-we had our own Easter egg hunt be it inside or outside depending on the weather. Anyway-love the pics of Ella in her dress-and of you and Derek-love the love between all of you-

    • It’s funny that you say that… After we left the mob scene on Saturday, I decided that we will be hosting our own hunts next year. I’d like to invite some friends over and make brunch or something. Way more fun and less of a crowd!

  2. Thanks so much for your comment on my technology post – I appreciate your sentiment. too much beating up too often is not good for anyone. After everything, I got a giggle over your daughter with remote (what looks like a cell phone in her hands). I guess technology is attractive to kids of all ages! Glad you had a happy easter!!

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