Fabric and Mod Podge Switch Plate Makeover

Back in the day when I was a mortgage underwriter I used to have extra money. That was also pre-Ella and 4 dogs.  I could afford the luxuries in life, like the fancy switch plates.  Every room had them and they were wonderful.  Now in our new house, we have the boring standard white ones.  So lame.  And so not me.

So I decided to do a little makeover.  Originally, I wanted to do these with wallpaper.  I had it all planned out and went to Home Depot with list in tow.  Yeah… they stopped carrying wallpaper like 4 years ago.  It’s really trendy again, so I’m not sure why they don’t have it… I felt a little deflated, but my thinking cap magically appeared on my head.  My first idea was scrapbook paper.  Seemed easy enough and I had all the stuff at home.  Then I did some looking online and decided to go with fabric instead.  My original plan was just to do one for Ella’s room, but then I got carried away.  I had so many scraps of fabric that could be put to good use!  So here you are.

Supply List:

  • Mod Podge
  • foam brush
  • Exacto knife
  • fabric (enough to cover plates)
  • semi-gloss multi purpose latex paint (if you intend to paint the screws to match)
  • piece of cardboard or plastic to cover your work area

Flip your switch plate so it’s upside down and lay it on the fabric.  Cut around the edges being sure to give yourself enough fabric on the edges so that you can wrap them easily.

Apply a thick layer of Mod Podge on front of switch plate (I forgot to take a picture of this).  Then place the fabric over it, making sure to pull it tight and flatten out any bubbles.

Add glue to the edges of the fabric and begin folding over all of the edges.  Take care around the corners so you don’t end up with big masses of glue and fabric that look terrible.  Also, try to get the fabric covering precise and tight.  If you don’t, you will have a switch plate that won’t fit back in place, or you may need to buy longer screws.  That would be annoying.


Once you have it all down nicely, flip it over.  Use the exacto knife to poke into the screw holes.  Then start tracing around the opening, being sure to leave a little edge to tuck under.  Once it’s cut out, glue down those edges to the back.  You can see how I didn’t leave enough of an edge and it got a little hairy on there.


Flip it over and brush on a thick layer of Mod Podge.  Be sure to get all sides and corners.

Once it’s completely covered in Mod Podge, let it dry.  Now would also be a good time to paint any screws with the latex paint and let them dry as well.  And here are some of the others I made.

The blue one in the featured photo lives in our guest bathroom.  The bathroom has a sort of beachy theme and the fabric went well.  The brown one below is in our powder room downstairs.  The brown hues really help to tone down the bright green walls, and bring out the other brown accessories I have in there.

The triple gang is for the entry way.  It sits above a black table and below a painting with similar colors.  A while back I used the same fabric to make pillows and a window scarf for our living room.  Now it all matches!  So clever.

And on to the polka dots in Ella’s room–my original inspiration.  This is actually in her play room that we are still trying to make into her big girl room–hence the big, bare wall.  I just can’t seem to move her out of the nursery because I don’t want to admit to how quickly she’s growing from a baby into a little girl 🙂

I love the color I chose for this room. It’s Behr Disney “When the Clock Strikes” from Home Depot–a pinkish purple.  I have a master plan to add some wall decals that have the same color scheme as the switch plate and then move her furniture in.  By then, the trim will be white and she’ll have a new closet door that isn’t lame, 70’s brown.  In the meantime, this is a pretty cool 18 month old’s hang out.

If any of you decide to take on a switch plate makeover of your own, please snap a few shots and send them my way.  I love to see how other people do stuff.




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