Crafty with Cardboard

I can’t take credit for these nifty and fun little creations.  These were crafted and designed by my students.  In addition to Composition, I teach one section of Crafts.  Our school needed an elective, I had an extra hour open in my day, and our principal let me create my own class based on my talents.  I had never taught it before and thought it would be easy peasy to design my curriculum.  Yeah, not so much.  Working with limited supplies and budget is tough.  Additionally, most crafts don’t take more than a few hours to create.  I wanted something that would take a few weeks–just so I had some time to plan the next project.

We moved our school over the summer, so we have tons of boxes lying around.  We also have a bunch of tissue paper and moving tape.  I had students create piñatas or mini lifelike objects with the boxes.  Most of my students are Mexican, so when I told them that they were making piñatas with cardboard and tape, they laughed.  They called them “white people pinatas.”  I know that isn’t really politically correct, but I thought it was funny.  And pretty accurate!

To tie in math concepts (I’m all about interdisciplinary connections), I had students draw up sketches.  They used the internet for inspiration and then drew up their designs–complete with approximate dimensions.  They also had to include a supply list for me–colors and all.  Sometimes our students get overly ambitious and then when they struggle with the execution, they give up.  I’m tired of watching them give up, so I took a different approach this time.  I would say it was pretty successful.

I found a really cute tutorial online and used that inspiration to guide this project:

So here are what some of my students made:

This student said that the microwave plug is melty looking because it got fried in the outlet!  Oh so creative!

This student went so far as to actually stuff the seat of the couch with cotton batting.  So life-like!

I think these would be really fun to do with almost any kids.  It would be perfect on a rainy day or an activity to do with several kids (like at a birthday or slumber party).  And all you need is cardboard, packing tape, tissue paper, glue and some imagination.  Adults could make an abstract looking thing and maybe use Mod Podge and newspaper clippings or decorative paper.  Maybe I just took it too far.  I don’t know, but you get my point!

If you make these with your kids at home, I’d love to see them!



One response to “Crafty with Cardboard

  1. Thanks that was fun…they are so clever. Did the students know they’re out on the web from this site? They should. Wow!

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