Baby Block Bracelet

When I was a kid, having wooden building blocks were the rage.  They still are.  I have seen really cool Christmas ornaments and photo collages on wooden baby blocks.  So adorable.  I took this same idea and created a bracelet with Ella’s name.  I wear it as a way to stay attached to her when we’re apart 🙂

If you’re new to making jewelry, I would say that you could easily complete this project.  As long as you know how to string beads onto wire and use crimp beads on the ends, you can do this.  You could also include more than one name on yours if you have multiple children.  Keep in mind, however, that adding names could make it super long and too long for your wrist.  Personally, I’d make separate ones so that each child’s namesake bracelet is unique.  And I like wearing lots of bling on my arms.

I buy a lot of my beads online because they have a better selection than some of our local stores.  Their prices are usually better too.  I like Fire Mountain Gems and Artbeads.  Both of these websites also have video tutorials, how-to’s for basic jewlery-making techniques, and inspiration ideas.

I don’t feel like the pics do this bracelet justice, nor do they really show the colors that well.  It’s ok-I will have a DSLR in due time!!  I chose to go with a purple and pink color scheme, with lots of clear sparkle.  Here are the types of beads I used:

  • sterling alphabet block beads–mine are about 4 mm
  • 4 purple rainbow flourite rounds
  • pink quartz chips
  • 3 purple round pearls
  • 4 light pink Swarovski crystals
  • sterling flower shaped spacers
  • pearl colored seed beads (used as spacers)
  • A/B coated clear glass beads (round and cubes)

I’d suggest using a bead board or felt mat that is made for laying out beaded pieces.  The most important part is getting your center/name layout down.  From there, you add beads around it until you reach your desired length.  It’s really trial and error, my friends.  I had to mess with the pattern until it fit my arm and looked ok to me.

Please drop me a line if you’d like some tips or tricks on creating bracelets, or any other questions you might have about this project.  I didn’t make this a total how-to tutorial–feeling lazy today!

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xxoox  ~Marisa


4 responses to “Baby Block Bracelet

  1. I don’t know! You know me…always something to keep me busy. I love making stuff and it’s my therapy. If I didn’t have an outlet, I’d go nuts. My job is pretty stressful!

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