Kids Resale & Consignment Stores

If you haven’t jumped on any of the recent children’s bandwagons, this would be the one to jump on.  And with both feet, my friends.  I know what you’re thinking… eeewww, I would never put my kids in used clothes.  Or, I’m not poor, so why would I buy second-hand?  I used to think those things too.  I’m here to tell you that buying gently used kid stuff is OK.  It’s kind on your pocket-book AND the environment.  Now why would you say no to that?

Another cool thing about these stores is that they pay you out right for your stuff that you no longer use.  I have made oodles of money on things I would ordinarily give away or try to sell for quarters at my annual garage sale.  Most of the stores give you store credit, and a small percentage more than they’d pay you in cash.  I usually take that money and spend it in the store on more stuff!  Win win.

Recycling is hip and cool, my friends.  It is mind-blurring how quickly kids go through clothes and toys.  And not to mention all the junk we buy as first-time mothers when we have no clue.  Why not pass it on to another unassuming newbie?

Today I went to my favorite neighborhood kids resale store.  I’m on their email list and I hit them up on a day they were offering 50% off.  50% off of cheap is pretty much free in my book.  So, for $15 I scored 5 name brand tops, a pair of Nike sneakers, and a bag (yes, I said bag) of My Little Ponys for my little princess.

I love being able to go shopping and not get hell for it when I get home.  In fact, D gave me a high-five 😉


2 responses to “Kids Resale & Consignment Stores

  1. About this I have to add that kitchen appliances are the most amazing things to hunt for. In the last 6 months we have found (under $4 each)a popcorn popper (which my husband also uses for roasting coffee) and a belgian waffle maker. And (my favorite) extreme counter top ice crusher- since we have an old fridge without a handy door dispenser. It obliterates ice and if not used properly could cut you with flying ice fragments. So funny to watch. Anyway, we pretty much just laugh in our kitchen after our kids go to bed as we use these 1960’s appliances to create an in-home date night atmosphere 🙂 I’ve never thought of selling the kids’ toys and clothes back…great idea!

  2. Sounds like you guys have a good time with those appliances 😉 You know, years ago I thought I was too cool and fancy to shop around for used stuff. But I actually enjoy it and have fun making an afternoon of bargain hunting. We have a pretty decent thrift store nearby that doesn’t have puke on the floors that I enjoy hitting up once a week. It’s always an adventure and you never know what you can find!

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